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Stephen Sands - Co-Manager - Business Coach

Helping people has always been Stephen's passion and making his living as a business coach helps fill that passion. 

Stephen has enjoyed writing with inmates for a long time and has developed many long-term relationship with them.  Some of the relationships continue after they have been released and as successful EX- offenders are leading product lives. At any given time he is writing to 4 or 5 inmates.

Stephen lead "Walking Your Faith" classes in Perry County Prison as a volunteer with Second Chance Ministries ( and spoke on their behalf at graduation service for inmates who have successfully complete the course.  He continues the programs with L.I.F.E. (Leading Inmates in Faith and Education) 

He is on the Housing Committee of the Capital Region Ex-offender Support Coalition ( and participates at their monthly meetings.

In addition, Stephen works with inmates to find suitable housing and employment. He believes the most important service anyone can do to help an inmate is to be a Mentor.  Many times that starts by being a PenPal.   Stephen can be contacted via email at  


  Johnson, Dwayne - Mentor for men recovering from addictions.  Email:                         

 Johnson, Julia

            Mentor for women and families.

 Yeatts, Pastor John       

            Associate Pastor at Grantham Brethren In Christ Church       



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