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Click HERE to download -  Addressing a National Crisis: Too Many People with Mental Illnesses in our Jails - Dauphin County, PA


CLICK HERE to download Friends Over Fences' Pre-Release Inmate Checklist.

This is an ongoing project of Friends Over Fences and we welcome your input into the process.  If you have a suggestion please submit it to and our committee will review it.

Our goal is to get this into the hands of inmate who plan to be released.  Many of the items can be done while the inmate is still incarcerated.  In some instances the cost will be covered by the institution.  It is truly the inmates responsibility to talk with their counselors about each item.  But the more that is done in prison, the less will have to be worried about after their release.

Please feel to use this form with your family, friends and/or clients as needed.

CLICK HERE to download Friends Over Fences Letter Writing Form.  

This form is sent to inmates to fill out about themselves so we can try to match them to a PenPal.



Friends Over Fences is happy to support the upcoming movie "Choices" by Ronald L James.

If you would like to donate to support the production of this movie you can do so by clicking here.

The Paypal account is in our parent non-profit's name The Family Circle Ministries and your credit card and receipt will display that name.

 You don't have to have a PayPal acct, just click the Credit Card button!

Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness' list "WHERE TO GO FOR MEALS (3/2014)" is a great resource for any homeless person or family including ex-offenders!  



Beacon Clinic Adult Free Clinic



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Here is a PDF of the Pennsylvania Home Plan Brochure.

Click link to download

Home Plan brochure FINAL COLOR.pdf